ZFS and free space

Marko Turk markoml at markoturk.info
Wed Aug 16 12:10:08 UTC 2017

On Wed, Aug 16, 2017 at 02:02:39PM +0200, Johan Helsingius wrote:
> Marko,
> > What is the output of
> > $ zfs list -o name,mountpoint,mounted,used,refer,ratio,compress
> zroot               /zroot             yes  10.2T   140K  1.07x       lz4
> zroot/ROOT          none                no  3.01G   140K  2.61x       lz4
> zroot/ROOT/default  /                  yes  3.01G  3.01G  2.61x       lz4
> zroot/home          /home/storage      yes  5.98T  5.98T  1.06x       lz4
> zroot/tmp           /tmp               yes   163K   163K  1.01x       lz4
> zroot/usr           /usr                no  4.17T   140K  1.09x       lz4
> zroot/usr/home      /usr/home          yes  4.17T  4.17T  1.09x       lz4
> zroot/usr/ports     /usr/ports         yes  1.26G  1.26G  2.19x       lz4
> zroot/usr/src       /usr/src           yes   140K   140K  1.00x       lz4
> zroot/var           /var                no  1.43M   140K  4.82x       lz4
> zroot/var/audit     /var/audit         yes   140K   140K  1.00x       lz4
> zroot/var/crash     /var/crash         yes   140K   140K  1.05x       lz4
> zroot/var/log       /var/log           yes   767K   767K  5.61x       lz4
> zroot/var/mail      /var/mail          yes   140K   140K  1.00x       lz4
> zroot/var/tmp       /var/tmp           yes   140K   140K  1.00x       lz4
> So I guess it is zroot/usr (/usr) that isn't mounted for
> some reason but holds a bunch of stuff!

No, I don't think so. zroot/usr is set to not mounted by installer and
that's OK.

Can you set mountpoint for zroot/home to somewhere else (e.g. /tmp/something)
and then check with du the size of /tmp/something and /usr/home (but
don't use '*', just 'du -hs /tmp/something' so we dont get wrong results
because of dotfiles)?

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