ZFS and free space

Johan Helsingius julf at julf.com
Wed Aug 16 10:51:23 UTC 2017

On 16-08-17 10:11, Michael Schuster wrote:

> that's not how I signed my email :-)

Ouch! My apologies!

>> So /zroot is 10T, zroot/home is 6T and zroot/usr (and zroot/usr/home)
>> is 4T - so clearly they are separate. But what is taking up the space
>> on zroot/usr/home? "du" doesn't show anything there!
>> # du -sh /usr/home/*
>> 715M    /usr/home/julf
>> 4.2T    /usr/home/storage
> if 4.2T isn't anything, what is? To me it looks like this is where your
> space is being consumed

The 4.2T is clear - but where is the rest (out of an original 10T)?

>> # file /home
>> /home: symbolic link to usr/home
> ouch ... I don't know if that's "supported", but it's definitely confusing
> (compare with "zroot/home"). I'd clean that up right away to get more
> clarity.

That symbolic link seem to be part of the default install.


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