Ban on spam-sender domains from posting to freebsd-questions

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at
Sun Aug 6 02:13:49 UTC 2017

> It does though. Legitimate list messages are blocked when list member's
> MTAs reject spam sent via a list and the Mailman list
> software subsequently suspends the subscription.  This can happen to
> anyone subscribed to more than one list.

> Why does not follow standard practice of moderating mail
> from non-members is the question we should be asking.  It's not like
> this takes any real effort or like there have not been several
> volunteers.  Mailman also allows for moderation of new members.  Given
> that spammers and bots can and do subscribe and trojans do parse
> addressbooks it is both unprofessional and reflects poorly on all
> freebsd maintainers that's postmaster / Mainman maintainer
> does not follow this standard practice either.  Finally, any MTA not
> using zen.spamhaus, spamassassin, dcc, razor, pyzor et al is not, by
> definition, properly configured.
> Claims that 'it tends to come in bursts, but really isn't that much' or
> 'having a subscriber only policy doesn't necessarily prevent spam' tend
> to indicate the claimant knows little about list moderation or spam
> filter or has a vested interest in UCE.

> IMO,
> Roger Marquis

I recently received notice that one of my messages was moderated, although it subsequently went through since it was legit, clearly not spam.

Reason was I erred in typing my email address when changing from the old address.

Spams on FreeBSD lists are not limited to freebsd-questions.

I have seen spams on freebsd-ports, freebsd-hardware, and others.

NetBSD lists also get spam, including phishing.


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