How to create custom meta-port ?

Manish Jain bourne.identity at
Sun Apr 23 22:12:15 UTC 2017


I am on FreeBSD 12-current amd64.

Since a package is not yet available for virtualbox under FreeBSD 12, I had to build the emulators/virtualbox-ose port. I chose to build the port with GCC5 and QT4 (both already installed via pkg).

What I would like to do is save time in future with a custom meta-package that lumps together the tarballs for virtualbox-ose, gcc5, and qt4. Effectively, the installing the meta via 'pkg add' would have the same effect as 'pkg install virtualbox-ose gcc5 qt4'.

Is that possible ? Thanks for any information.
Manish Jain

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