Saver not running

Ernie Luzar luzar722 at
Fri Apr 21 15:26:59 UTC 2017

Manish Jain wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 8:20 PM, Ernie Luzar <luzar722 at> wrote:
>> Manish Jain wrote:
>>     Hi, I am facing a strange problem under my FreeBSD 12-CURRENT
>>     installation atop cloned/migrated ZFS. Beastie is not running : I
>>     do not remember Beastie having run even once since ZFS migration a
>>     week back (100% sure) and quite possibly, ever since the original
>>     installation was made a month back on a UFS slice (99% sure).
>>     Beastie is enabled in rc.conf as well as kldloaded : /home/unix #
>>     cat /etc/rc.conf | egrep '(beastie|saver)' saver="beastie"
>>     /home/unix # kldstat | egrep '(beastie|saver)' 16 1
>>     0xffffffff828fa000 2fd5 beastie_saver.ko But the saviour does not
>>     run, even when the console is inactive for hours.
>>     /var/log/messages does not indicate any problem. This is as much a
>>     piquant problem as a personal tragedy. Over the last month, I have
>>     seen and felt increasing dissociation/disenchantment in my cat.
>>     Tinkerbell, who used to purr and curdle up next to me so much, has
>>     now started keeping away, sometimes even glaring in disgust at me.
>>     She does not even consume her dose of catnip. I request advice on
>>     how to fix things. I also request a word of consolation for my
>>     cat. Thank you. Manish Jain 
>> If I remember correctly, the saver function is one of the functions 
>> in-operative in host console vt mode which is the default. Try adding 
>> this statement kern.vty=sc to /boot/loader.conf file and reboot the 
>> system.
> Hi Ernie,
> Thanks a lot. That does fix the saver problem : -)  but then also 
> creates a new one  : - (
> Early on in the  boot process, I get :
> WARNING: WITNESS option enabled, expect reduced performance.
> Since I am not a performance freak, I let things on. But then when I do 
> startx, I get :
> scfb trace: probe start
> scfb trace: probe done
> (EE) 
> Fatal server error:
> (EE) Cannot run in framebuffer mode. Please specify busIDs for all 
> framebuffer devices.
> Commenting out the line kern.vty=sc in /boot/loader.conf fixes both 
> problems, but then reverts to the absence of beastie.
> Thanks for the tip. If you/anyone can tell me how to get beastie without 
> disabling Xorg, that shall probably be ideal.
> Regards
> Manish Jain

Console screen driver; "man sc" kern.vty=sc has been the OS default 
master command line display screen driver since FreeBSD 1.0. The screen 
savers, splash screen, copy/paste, and Xorg/X11 have all been developed 
based on this text mode driven driver. With low cost flat screen monitor 
technology, the monitors being sold in the market place today now have 
both text and graphic mode abilities. To take advantage of these new 
graphic enabled monitors a new driver was developed and became the os 
default in 10.0 or there abouts. In my opinion the vt driver was rushed 
into production without adequate compatibility testing. PR's have been 
issued on vt not supporting screen savers, splash screens, and 
copy/paste, all which are standard normal functions used by many people. 
These vt PRs are still waiting for someone to work on them, so don't 
hold your breath waiting for a fix to make it into 11.1. You can file 
your own PR or post your comments to the existing ones.

One option you may want to test. In /boot/loader.conf add

Another option is to discontinue trying to use saver screens and instead 
try splash screen, Read the handbook for details. Its also enabled in 
loader.conf. When you boot your system the splash screen replaces the 
boot messages rolling across your screen with the image you have 
selected & when the keyboard is inactive for some period of time the 
image is shown as a screen saver that fades in and out.

Your choose of running "current". Current is not stable by design and 
intention. It's a moving target. Current has many debug functions 
enabled as default. WITNESS being one of those. People who work with 
current are the right hands of the developers. These people have the 
ability to read dumps and follow the findings back to the source code 
causing the problem and create patches as feedback to the developers. 
 From the tone of your previous posts I don't think you are such a 
person.[IE; just a observation, not a put down, no insult meant].

The first thing you should do is download the LATEST current source, 
recompile your os and see if some new change has fixed the problem you 
are seeing. This is the normal cycle of following current. Many changes 
are applied daily to current, so rebuilding your os daily becomes a 
normal way of life. If you are not doing this, its another indicator you 
are using the wrong version of the os. I would think RELEASE 11.0 is a 
better fit for your needs based on your previous posts.

When it comes to current and ports this is another moving target. You 
can NOT make the assumption that the "latest" version of the ports 
system will work on current, This is a proving ground for the ports 
system to hopefully shine a light on some of the most popular ports such 
as Xorg to generate an early warning about os/port incompatibility.

"current" is the real bleeding edge of FreeBSD os development.

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