Accessing UFS partitions from a Macbook

Ian Smith smithi at
Thu Apr 20 14:09:21 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I plugged my backup USB HD into my daughter's Macbook, to see if it was 
going to be able to access a particular set of files I want to give her.

root at x200:~ # gpart show -p da0
=>       63  625142385    da0  MBR  (298G)
         63   83875302  da0s1  fat32  [active]  (40G)
   83875365  272623050  da0s2  freebsd  (130G)
  356498415  268638930  da0s3  freebsd  (128G)
  625137345       5103         - free -  (2.5M)

root at x200:~ # gpart show -p da0s2
=>        0  272623050   da0s2  BSD  (130G)
          0    8388608  da0s2a  freebsd-ufs  (4.0G)
    8388608    8388608  da0s2b  freebsd-swap  (4.0G)
   16777216   16777216  da0s2d  freebsd-ufs  (8.0G)
   33554432   33554432  da0s2e  freebsd-ufs  (16G)
   67108864  205514186  da0s2f  freebsd-ufs  (98G)

The files of interest are on da0s2f, about 50GiB.

The Mac auto-mounted the first (msdosfs) slice as /dev/disk2s1 and files 
there were accessible.  No sign of the other partitions, though.

In Terminal on the Mac, 'ls /dev/disk2*' showed the slices ok:
/dev/disk2	/dev/disk2s1	/dev/disk2s2	/dev/disk2s3

but attempts to e.g. 'mount -t ufs /dev/disk2s2a $herhomedir/mnt' - a 
directory I'd made there - failed, indicating not a permission failure 
(as more or less expected) but directory ./mnt not found?

So I tried logging in as root with su -l but her usual administration
password wasn't the one, and she knows nothing about a root password.

So two questions from someone with next to no Mac experience:

Should I expect UFS partitions within a slice to be accessible on Macs?
If not, might a UFS partition occupying the whole raw slice fare better?

How can she or I go about discovering the root password on her Macbook?

Thanks, Ian

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