Can I convince poudriere to build packages for both python 2.7 and python 3.5 versions of the same port to the same repository?

Misanthropist misantrop at
Sat Apr 15 21:56:19 UTC 2017

I know that nowdays, the recommended way is to simply use binary
packages. However, I change the build options for a lot of what I
install, e.g. to pull in optional dependencies or disable GUIs for stuff
I only use through a terminal. I still accept the default options for a
lot, but still, I've found that it's less of a hassle to build
everything myself than to single out those that I do want to change.

I have some python ports that I need to have for both python 2.7 and
python 3.5, and I've been doing updates manually, by excluding the
py35-* ones on a first run, and doing only those, with
PYTHON_VERSION=3.5, on a second run.

Now, at long last, I decided to give poudriere a go. One problem I'm
facing with this, is that if I create two sets for the same jail and
ports tree, the built packages end up in different repositories. The
problem with this, is that when I do the py35 set, it doesn't see the
packages that have already been built for the set containing everything
else, and it has to rebuild ports, for which there are already packages

I don't mind having to use two sets, and doing two runs, but ideally I'd
prefer doing it all in one go. However, I definitely want both runs to
drop the built packages in the same place, and, most importantly, not
having to build the same ports twice. And I would like to avoid having
to rename and/or edit config files between the two runs.

Can I convince poudriere to do this? Is there even a way to get it done
in one go?


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