Is it possible to install FreeBSD on a single MBR slice with ZFS

krad kraduk at
Sat Apr 15 16:55:37 UTC 2017

Are we talking bsd, slices here or partitions in the mbr ?

On 15 Apr 2017 15:38, "Manish Jain" <bourne.identity at> wrote:

> On 04/15/17 16:09, krad wrote:
> > it works fine on a single slice. I would probably do a manual install to
> > be safe, but thats just me, but then I was doing rootonzfs way before
> > the installation program supported it.
> If I remember correctly, whenever I try to use ZFS in the installer :
> 1) the Guided (Root On ZFS) approach simply does not let me select a
> slice. I have to use the entire disk
> 2) Using manual partitioning on my MBR disk (SSD), if I delete an
> existing slice, create a new one, and then a partition inside it of type
> freebsd-zfs with / as mount-point, the installer warns "This
> configuration is not bootable in your architecture".
> I got around this by using a 2-partition 'hack' in the slice :
> a) first partition for / as type freebsd-ufs
> b) second partition for /usr as type freebsd-zfs
> The install goes through with no warning, but then when I boot the
> installation, I face the problem that /usr is not available and the boot
> is interrupted midway with an unpleasant message.
> Regards
> Manish Jain

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