Following upgrade to FreeBSD-11.0p9 unable to start bhyve guests

James B. Byrne byrnejb at
Fri Apr 14 21:38:42 UTC 2017

Following an upgrade from FreeBSD-10.3 to FreeBSD-11.0p9  I am unable
to start any bhyve guest.  The log file shows this:

Apr 14 17:27:01: initialising
Apr 14 17:27:01:  [loader: bhyveload]
Apr 14 17:27:01:  [uefi: no]
Apr 14 17:27:01:  [cpu: 2]
Apr 14 17:27:01:  [memory: 4G]
Apr 14 17:27:01:  [hostbridge: standard]
Apr 14 17:27:01:  [com ports: com1]
Apr 14 17:27:01:  [uuid: 88b397a5-4902-11e6-a0d6-0025907714e4]
Apr 14 17:27:01:  [utctime: yes]
Apr 14 17:27:01:  [debug mode: no]
Apr 14 17:27:01:  [primary disk: disk0]
Apr 14 17:27:01:  [primary disk dev: sparse-zvol]
Apr 14 17:27:01: initialising network device tap1
Apr 14 17:27:01: failed to find virtual switch 'public'
Apr 14 17:27:01: booting
Apr 14 17:27:01: bhyveload -c /dev/nmdm0A -m 4G -e autoboot_delay=3 -d
/dev/zvol/zroot/vm/samba-01/disk0 samba-01

The /etc/rc.conf file contains this:

# cat /etc/rc.conf
# Set dumpdev to "AUTO" to enable crash dumps, "NO" to disable
# need cloned if for virtual machines
cloned_interfaces="bridge0 tap0"
# network node identity
#ifconfig_bridge0="addm igb0 addm tap0"
ifconfig_igb0="inet netmask"
ifconfig_igb1="inet netmask"

### Firewall
pf_enable="NO"                    # Disable PF firewall on startup
#pf_enable="YES"                   # Enable PF firewall on startup
pflog_enable="YES"                # Enable logging
pflog_flags=""                    # additional flags for pflogd startup
pflog_logfile="/var/log/pflog"    # where pflogd should store the logfile
#pflog_rules="/etc/pf.conf"       # "/etc/pf.conf" is the default

### Services
local_unbound_enable="YES"        # Enable caching only DNS
ntpd_enable="YES"                 # Enable local network time server
ntpd_sync_on_start="YES"          # Resync clock on startup
postfix_enable="YES"              # Enable Postfix SMTP MTA
sendmail_enable="NONE"            # Disable Sendmail SMTP MTA
sshd_enable="YES"                 # Enable ssh access

### vm-bhyve settings
vm_delay="5"                  # delay between starting machines
vm_dir="zfs:zroot/vm"         # vm directory
vm_enable="YES"               # enable vm
vm_list=" inet13
          samba-02"           # vm-bhyve 'vm startall' machines to
start on boot

# system uses Zettabyte File System (archaic name - now called zfs)

What provides "virtual switch 'public'"? And, how do I configure
things so that it is created and found?

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