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Wed Apr 12 05:39:06 UTC 2017

On Tue, 11 Apr 2017 23:30:03 -0500, muclfq.echo.towerboy at wrote:
> A couple of weeks ago, Polytropon asked about a GUI for connecting to 
> wireless networks.  I tried replying to him, but perhaps he blocks 
> addresses that don't seem to be coming from the mailing list.  Anyway, 
> he should check out GhostBSD's networkmgr, which has been ported to 
> FreeBSD.  It reportedly looks similar to Linux's NetworkManager.
> I read the messages via the Usenet groups muc.lists.freebsd.questions 
> and mpc.lists.freebsd.questions, which do not seem to provide two-way 
> communication.

I tried that tool, but it doesn't seem to work on stock FreeBSD
as expected. A precompiled package is available, "doas" is among
the required dependencies. After adjusting some files manually
according to the pkg-message, the program finally seems to run,
but it doesn't display anything for me. I'm using fvwm2 on a
Lenovo R61i laptop.

Maybe there is something else that needs to be installed or
configured in order to make this tool functioning? Or does it
integrate with KDE or Gnome exlusively?

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