ZFS kernel panic after power outage

Jason W. Barnes jason at barnesos.net
Tue Apr 11 22:47:17 UTC 2017


 	After a recent power outage here I have run into trouble 
whenever I try to mount, or export, or list, or do anything at all to 
one of my ZFS file systems (see attached image).  It instantly goes 
all "panic:  solaris assert: rs == NULL".  This is my data drive, not my 
system drive, so I commented out "zfs_enable=YES" in my rc.conf and it 
will now boot up after I set the system drive readonly to "off".  But I'd 
like to now try to recover the damaged file system on those drives.
 	The only think that I can think of, and hope for, at this point 
might be to start unplugging one of this three-drive RAID-5 at a time to 
see if that might cleanse the RAID of something that might have been in 
mid-write when the power went out.  Or that could metastasize the cancer. 
Which would be bad.
 	I've seen occasional posts in the past with similar issues, but 
without any firm solutions, so I thought that I'd ask if anyone has any 
insights as to how I might attempt to recover this drive.  Thanks in 
advance if you have any ideas,

 				- Jason

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