FreeBSD-11 OpenDKIM uid and gid

James B. Byrne byrnejb at
Fri Apr 7 17:04:41 UTC 2017

I am configuring a replacement MX service in a FreeBSD jail.  I have
installed the Postfix and OpenDKIM packages (among others).  The
configuration file for OpenDKIM differs somewhat from the version I
use on CentOS-6 but the problem I have is with a setting common to
both: UserID.

In the CentOS version the setting is:

UserID opendkim:opendkim

and on CentOS hosts with OpenDKIM installed /etc/passwd contains this:

opendkim:x:488:488:OpenDKIM Milter:/var/run/opendkim:/sbin/nologin

But the version of OpenDKIM I have on FreeBSD creates no entry for a
user named opendkim in /etc/passwd when the package is installed. My
question is therefore: What username should I use?  Do I create a user
named opendkim? And a similarly named group as well?  Or is this
setting superfluous?

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