Troubles printing from Okular through cups

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Mon Apr 3 08:50:00 UTC 2017


As per subject, I've got a problem printing a specific document: I get 
no error, nothing at all, but no pages come out of the printer (which 
normally prints other documents).

I pinpointed this to a job name encoding problem: starting okular from 
the terminal I get:
> lpr-cups: Bad job-name value: "job-name": Bad name value "...
> .." - bad UTF-8 sequence (RFC 2911 section 4.1.2).

How do I solve this?
I didn't find any option to specify the job-name in Okular; I think it 
comes from the document's title, but I have no idea how to change it.
I guess lpr-cups should handle this, but it's clear it doesn't; possibly 
Okular is to blame, but then again, what to do about it?

TIA to anyone who will answer.


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