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Fri Sep 30 12:24:04 UTC 2016

2016-09-29 14:57 GMT+02:00 Warren Block <wblock at>:
> On Wed, 28 Sep 2016, Doug Hardie wrote:
>>> p.s. I learned CVS from an earlier version of this book.  The current
>>> edition (3 e.) is available as a PDF download:
>> Thank you for the detailed response.  It makes sense now.  I am in the
>> middle of working my way through that book.  I should have asked about this
>> years ago.
> Subversion is the modern successor to CVS.  The book on it is on the same
> site:

Well, subversion is the IE6 of version control. It's even worse than
cvs. I really encourage people to leave cvs to a DVCS such as
Mercurial or git. There are other nice DVCS tools less popular though:
fossil, darcs. But everything else than subversion.

Demelier David

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