complete clone/restore from a ZFS-based system replication stream

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Thu Sep 29 06:29:04 UTC 2016

On 29/09/2016 03:25, Victor Sudakov wrote:
> 1. You attach a second disk, it becomes ada1. You create ada1p2 for
> swap and ada1p3 for zfs.
> 2. You create a zpool on ada1p3. "zpool status" shows ada1p3 as the physical
> device.
> 3. You move the disk to another system. It boots, and being unable to
> find ada1p3, loader(?) becomes desperate and uses
> /dev/diskid/BLA-BLA-BLAp3 as the physical device for the root pool.
> 4. Once the diskid label is in use, there is no more ada1p3 or ada0p3
> or whatever. It gets hidden. 
> 5. You curse aloud and use /dev/diskid/BLA-BLA-BLAp2 for swap because no
> device nodes and no other labels are available and there is no way to
> make them visible or create more human-friendly labels for partitions.

But /dev/ada1p2 or /dev/ada0p2 will still be visible, so you can tell
your system to swap there...

Even better, if you use gpart labels, in which case you'll have a
/dev/gpt/swap whoes name will remain constant irrespective of which of
ada0 or ada1 the disk ends up as.  This is the default setup created by
the installer.



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