complete clone/restore from a ZFS-based system replication stream

Victor Sudakov vas at
Thu Sep 29 02:42:27 UTC 2016

Mike Tancsa wrote:
> Here are the steps I used to restore a "level zero" zfs file onto a
> new/fresh mirror.

Mike, thanks to your and others' help I have developed a solution
which works for me, at least partially. The only problem with the
solution is that I create the second pool on /dev/vtbd2p3, but when
the new system boots, there is no /dev/vtbd2 (naturally) and the pool
uses /dev/diskid/DISK-BHYVE-8054-2C08-770Ap3 for the physical device,
burying all /dev/vtbd0p* devices.

Here is my scenario:



zfs send -R zroot at test1 > /mnt/test1.zfs
zpool destroy ${ZPOOL}

gpart destroy -F ${DISK}
gpart create -s gpt ${DISK}
gpart add -s 64k -t freebsd-boot ${DISK}
gpart add -s 2g -t freebsd-swap ${DISK}
gpart add -t freebsd-zfs ${DISK}
gpart bootcode -b /boot/pmbr -p /boot/gptzfsboot -i 1 ${DISK}

zpool create -f -o altroot=/mnt2 -O canmount=off -m none ${ZPOOL} ${DISK}p3
zfs receive -vF ${ZPOOL}  < /mnt/test1.zfs
zpool set bootfs=${ZPOOL}/ROOT/test1 ${ZPOOL}
zpool export ${ZPOOL}


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