complete clone/restore from a ZFS-based system replication stream

Brandon J. Wandersee brandon.wandersee at
Thu Sep 29 01:28:15 UTC 2016

Victor Sudakov writes:

> Michael Schuster wrote:
>> the FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS books (for example) explain how to avoid this
>> issue too. 
> Namely? Or should I buy the book?
> Of course, I can do with glabel or something, but it's a pity
> bsdinstall creates an unclonable configuration.

It's not a bsdinstall problem. It's really only a problem at all if
particular circumstances arise---like if you move a disk from a one-disk
system to another, multi-disk system. Device nodes are assigned based
either on the order in which the motherboard firmware detects and
initializes the devices, or the ports into which the devices are
plugged. Which one gets used depends on your motherboard, and if it's
the former, nobody has any control over it. Your backup-and-restoration
plan needs to take that into account.

That's why partition/filesystem labels were invented in the first
place. It's why a Windows disk can be transplanted into any slot on any
machine, and it can boot without intervention from the user---the
filesystems are all labeled.

Since swap was the example you brought up I'm guessing that's your chief
concern, since a ZFS pool is usually unaffected by a change in drive
letters. In that case, just modify /etc/fstab before rebooting or
transplanting the disk.

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