LInks in /usr/local/lib, strange

Vladimir Botka vbotka at
Thu Sep 22 08:54:14 UTC 2016


could you help me resolve the problem with links pointing to
non-existent libraries in /usr/local/lib ?

Initially installed 10.3 from packages and later upgraded from ports
(portmaster -a) /usr/local/lib lists

libxml2.a -> ->

Reinstalling the port fixes the problem.

libxml2.a -> ->

(Port textproc/libxml2. Problem with libexpat, port textproc/expat2 is

But, after a while, repeatedly, the links are back again pointing to the
non-existent libraries. There are no hints in UPDATING and web-search
shows no relevant references. It seems rather strange. What am I

Dirty workaround would be to use libmap.conf

Thank you, Cheers,

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