OpenGL over X11/SSH

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Thu Sep 22 08:01:15 UTC 2016

On 09/22/16 09:32, Polytropon wrote:

>> An option in some port?
> Probably yes.

I checked graphics/libGL, but it has no options.
Any other hint?

> Without xorg.conf, loading the DRM/DRI components is probably
> the default by now.

Ok, but xorg.conf should be an X-server config file.
So I have no X-server where the client program runs.

> Maybe. If my guess is right and "r600" is related to that Radeon
> card (client-side), the program seems to try to attach to it. Do
> you have DRM/DRI enabled on your client where the local display
> is being used?

Yes: the client machine happily works in DRM/DRI mode with a Radeon.
I'd like to keep that, since local applications take advantage from it.

I'm wondering: since the error also mentions swrast and, 
could I try to make it work this way? Where would I find them?

> If I remember my "OpenGL adventures" (many years ago) correctly,
> the _program_ needs to be able to request software rendering. This
> can be done by deactivating the OpenGL hardware accelleration at
> compile time, or by an option - it depends on the program.

The "program" has no such options: it uses graphics/togl, however.
There is no option in togl either :(

  bye & Thanks

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