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Tue Sep 20 14:56:08 UTC 2016


Revision 414752


"Add latest release of Samba 4.4. Port is NOT fully tested, don't use in 
the production(yet). Make backups before deploying."

Yes, for me, too, it segfaults at provosioning as DC since a couple of 
months ago, and there's a PR as well. No success provisioning from this 
port, but I have several times compiled the 4.4.5 tarball and 
provisioned it successfully. Only a correct list of dependemcies should 
be installed first (some of the listed deps come from the Samba project).


On 09/20/2016 05:22 PM, James B. Byrne via freebsd-questions wrote:
> We have transitioned our AD DOMAIN to a Samba-4.3 install on
> FreeBSD-10.3.  As Samba-4.5 is released 4.3 now is in security fix
> only mode. we would like to move up to 4.4 at least. However, I have
> been unable to provision a AD DC on FreeBSD using either the 4.4 or
> 4.5 packages that are available from ports.  A segfault always occurs
> when I attempt this.
> So, my question is:  Has anyone successfully installed either Samba
> 4.4 or 4.5 as a DC on FreeBSD-10.3?  If so then how did you accomplish
> this?
> Sincerely,

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