Stupid question regarding reboot and poweroff

RW rwmaillists at
Sun Sep 18 12:14:10 UTC 2016

On Sun, 18 Sep 2016 12:29:49 +0200
Bertram Scharpf wrote:

> On Sunday, 18. Sep 2016, 12:03:23 +0300, Aleksander Alekseev wrote:
> > Is there any difference between executing `poweroff` and `shutdown
> > -p now` or executing `reboot` and `shutdown -r now` ?  
> `poweroff' is a hard link to `shutdown'.

In general you can't infer from that that they behave the same. It's
not uncommon that similar utilities are implemented in the same binary,
and then behave differently according to how they are invoked, e.g.
less and more.

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