X+webkit = Disgraceful

Peter A. Giessel pgiessel at mac.com
Sat Sep 10 05:44:01 UTC 2016

> On 2016, Sep 9, at 4:26, Polytropon <freebsd at edvax.de> wrote:
> CSS aims to fix a problem that initially came with the HTML
> markup which would primarily state what some element of
> content within the web page _is_, and the browser would
> then render it with its internal defaults to decide what
> it _looks like_.

CSS if used properly lets you do nifty things like having a simple text bulleted url list style menu for those that still use Lynx or need the accessibility benefits of a text menu while overlaying it with the shiny graphics and formatting most users expect these days.

Unfortunately, few use it in this way.

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