New motherboard is a success and a breeze !!

Manish Jain bourne.identity at
Fri Sep 2 16:27:44 UTC 2016


For anyone needing confirmation that FreeBSD does not need to 
reinstalled upon change of motherboard/CPU, this message is precisely 
that. My previous MB+CPU were generating a high-pitched, grating sound 
which I was finding intolerable to bear.

So I junked the Asus MB+ AMD A6-6400K CPU (costing USD 125 in all and 
just 2 weeks is use), and moved to a Gigabyte GA970 ATX board (costing 
USD 100), which I paired with a very old Athlon II (X2 270) Regor 3.4 
Ghz that was lying around in my stocks.

The whole MB has changed, the CPU has changed, and yet FreeBSD 10.3 
amd64 comes up like a breeze. Not one bit has had to be changed 
anywhere, not even a single entry in rc.conf. Everything just works - 
internet, virtualbox, sound, video, scanner, printer. It really is a wonder.

And the best part for me is that there is no more of that high-pitch 
grating sound that was driving me mad. I don't mind losing a bit of 
money, but I did NOT want to be stuck forever in the company of unwanted 
audio effects.

Manish Jain

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