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Polytropon freebsd at
Sat Oct 29 03:30:46 UTC 2016

On Fri, 28 Oct 2016 21:39:14 -0400, Allen wrote:
> I'm running FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-P35
> I've been thinking about upgrading anyway, but one of the things I'm
> seeing is that when I run pkg to do either installs or updates, before
> it does anything it tells me that LAME is missing, and I originally
> tried to just pkg install lame the thing, but it doesn't have that, and
> I'm just wondering what the best way to get LAME installed would be.

As far as I remember, installing LAME from source is the only
"official" way to install it. Due to certain restrictions, this
port cannot be packaged (and therefore no official package is
available for use with the "pkg install" command).

As you can see from
the port has set the RESTRICTED option - it cannot be packaged.

> I generally use the PKG tool and installs actual Packages, as I've
> already paid my dues dealing with the Ports Collection back when I
> first started using FreeBSD back in the 4.0-RELEASE days, and even
> though I do like the whole idea of the Ports Collection, and I do use
> it, I'm trying to stick to just one System of Installing Software on
> this machine, but I want to install LAME, and can't seem to with the
> usual methods, and before I go poking through the Ports Collection, is
> there a way to install LAME using a Package? Or...? 

When you're not using non-default port options, "make install" for
this port should be fine. Note that pkg won't upgrade it, so you'd
have to do this yourself (update ports tree, followed by "make
deinstall" and "make reinstall").

There might be alternatives: "toolame" and "twolame" are present
in the ports collection. They probably have packages available.
Maybe you can use one of them to replace "lame"?

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