Mounting of late file systems fails under FreeBSD 11.0

Kent Kuriyama kent.kuriyama at
Fri Oct 28 11:50:22 UTC 2016

Under FreeBSD 10.3 I had no problem with mounting a USB hard drive with the
following /etc/fstab entry:

/dev/da0p2             /mnt            ufs     rw,late 0       0

After upgrading 10.3 -> 11.0p2, the boot process stops when the mount of
/dev/da0p2 is attempted.  The syslog shows:

Oct 28 00:42:17 kailua kernel: Mounting late file systems:mount:
/dev/da0p2: No
such file or directory
Oct 28 00:42:17 kailua kernel: .
Oct 28 00:42:17 kailua kernel: Mounting /etc/fstab filesystems failed,

It is interesting to note that when the 11.0 boot process is halted and the
system drops to single user mode, I am able to do a:

mount -al

and the USB hard drive successfully mounts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,  Thank  you.


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