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Matthew Seaman matthew at
Tue Oct 25 23:32:43 UTC 2016

On 25/10/2016 21:48, Dick Middleton wrote:
> I was playing with my new NanoPi-Neo and noticed there was a FreeBSD image
> available for it so I thought I'd try it.
> So I got to the point where I needed to install an editor so I did:
> pkg update
> pkg install zile
> which all went OK but now whenever I run pkg it reports:
> /lib/ version FBSD_1.5 required by /usr/local/lib/ not found
> Googling I found:
> which is the same problem.  However I can't find how to fix the problem. I'm
> guessing I have to upgrade some base libraries but I've no idea how.
> There's a thing call pkg-static which works so it's still possible to install
> packages.
> Can anybody help me

The 'version FBSD_1.5' message indicates that the pkg(8) you installed
was built against a more recent version of libc than you have installed.
 It also implies you're running 12-CURRENT, and you've unfortunately cut
yourself on the bleeding edge.

Theoretically that symbol version mismatch should never happen, because
the symbol version in libc (and various other libraries) only gets
increased in HEAD when the major version number gets incremented after
a new X.0 release branch has been created.  Except there's a window of
perhaps a few weeks after creating a new branch where you can install
12-CURRENT before the symbol version gets updated.  Then packages built
after the symbol version gets updated will be seen as matching your
version of the OS by pkg(8), but will result in the error message you
are seeing.

Your three possible courses of action here are:

1) build all your own packages from source which will automatically mean
they work with the library versions present on your system.

2) update your system to a more recent version of HEAD, with the updated
symbol version in libc and other libraries.  This probably means finding
a more recent pre-built image.

3) Override the automatic settings for ABI and ALTABI variables in
pkg.conf to install packages for the previous major version. ie set

ABI = "FreeBSD:10:amd64";
ALTABI = "freebsd:10:x86:64";

(I think this works, but haven't tried it properly.  It may be that
pkg(8) is too clever and still tells you you're installing packages for
the wrong system version.)



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