Fwd: Re: Typo in /etc/ntp/leap-seconds

Cy Schubert Cy.Schubert at komquats.com
Mon Oct 24 19:43:11 UTC 2016

Hi Matthew,

The spelling error is sort-of "intentional." The file, 
base/head/etc/ntp/leap-seconds and descendants, was fetched from the USNO 
(US Naval Observatory) ftp site. Had I fetched the ISC version or the IETF 
version, the spelling error would not exist.

Proactively answering the next anticipated question people might ask, what 
decides which file is fetched? Simply, of the leap-seconds files most 
recently updated, from USNO, ISC, and IETF, the file with the latest expiry 
date is the one chosen for commit into base. Some sources do not update 
their leap-seconds files if no leap second is announced. USNO always 
publishes a new leap-seconds file regardless of whether a leap second is or 
is not announced.

The version fetched by the ntp rc script is the IETF version because the 
URL is the only one of the three to use http or https. USNO and ISC post 
their files on FTP servers, which is not preferred.

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> Hi, Cy,
> As the person who committed the leap-seconds support this might be of
> interest to you.  Well, maybe.  It's a trivial spelling mistake in the
> comments in /etc/ntp/leap-seconds
> 	Cheers,
> 	Matthew
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> Subject: Re: Typo in /etc/ntp/leap-seconds
> Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2016 17:02:07 +0100
> From: Matthew Seaman <m.seaman at infracaninophile.co.uk>
> To: freebsd-questions at freebsd.org
> On 2016/10/24 16:40, Dr. A. Haakh wrote:
> > Hi,
> >=20
> > the last change of leap-seconds introduced the following typo:
> >=20
> >  #
> > -#      3. The current definition of the relationship between UTC
> > +#      3. The current defintion of the relationship between UTC
> >  #      and TAI dates from 1 January 1972. A number of different
> > =20
> Yes, correct: the misspelling does exist in /etc/ntp/leap-seconds, (even
> in 11.0-STABLE), but your patch is reversed.
> The spelling error is already fixed in /var/db/ntpd.leap-seconds which
> is what the OS uses by default and is pulled down from the net by a
> periodic job.
> 	Cheers,
> 	Matthew

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