Is there a curses-based mp3 player available in FreeBSD ?

Manish Jain bourne.identity at
Wed Oct 19 15:52:17 UTC 2016

On 10/19/16 21:13, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Manish Jain <bourne.identity at> writes:
>> cd /usr/ports
>> find . -iname blast
>> ./x11/blast
> Try "find /usr/ports -iname '*blast*'"

Oh God, how did I miss that ?

cd /usr/ports/
/usr/ports # find . -iname '*blast*'

mp3blaster is there, alive and kicking : - )

I anyway built from sources and that worked equally well too.

I normally always put the asterisks when searching under ports. Perhaps 
I should create a shell wrapper for wild-carding find searches under 
/usr/ports automatically.

There is one thing that is missing from FreeBSD arsenal : if I find a 
port at freshports but not under /usr/ports (even after a 'portsnap 
update'), how to access (build) the port ? Do I just download sources 
and build them, or is there some better way ?

Thanks and Regards
Manish Jain

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