Is there a curses-based mp3 player available in FreeBSD ?

Manish Jain bourne.identity at
Tue Oct 18 16:04:02 UTC 2016


I am using FreeBSD 10.3 amd64.

I am trying to make a list of what of all goodies are available in 
console mode, where my keyboard's backlights don't work because they are 
hard-wired to the Scroll Lock led (turned on by 'xset led on' in an X 

Fortunately there's a couple of other things that do work in console 
mode : email (thanks alpine) and tetris (thanks vitetris).

I am wondering if mp3 playback too is possible ? Of course, mpg123 does 
do that, but what I want is a curses-based front-end to the equalizer.

Thanks for any information.
Manish Jain

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