Filesystem Label Ambiguity

Jason C. Wells jasoncwells at
Sun Oct 16 01:22:49 UTC 2016

New question related to this topic.  I re-labeled my partitions and my 
filesystems to use unique labels (volumeN). When I mounted what I 
thought was a new empty partition, I found old files there.  Ack!

Even though I had provided new unique labels, my mount was mounting an 
unknown partition and disk. This behavior persists across a reboot. Some 
configuration somewhere is hanging on to old labels, or some other 
behavior that I misunderstand. I'm in a situation now where I cannot 
identify or trust that any partition is the intended partition to mount.

How do I go backward from a label to a special device file? ( a slightly 
different question than before )

I'll answer my own question, glabel status and the man page for glabel 
seem to offer some help. Any other pointers are welcome.

Jason C. Wells

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