Filesystem Label Ambiguity

Jason C. Wells jasoncwells at
Sat Oct 15 23:35:34 UTC 2016

On 10/15/2016 4:16 PM, Brandon J. Wandersee wrote:
> Jason C. Wells writes:
>> Let's say I have three disks and each of them has a partition labelled
>> "volume3" i.e.  /dev/ufs/volume3.
>> How can I determine which of those is currently mounted?
>> How does the system determine which of those to mount at boot time?
> Short answer: Don't do this.

OK. So the device renumbering problem has been traded for a naming 
ambiguity problem. I didn't realize this when I first came upon my 
naming convention for filesystems.  I'll start keeping track of my 
"volumeX" names and make them unique. I just got lucky that I didn't 
mount the wrong disks over the course of the last few weeks.

Maybe I'll just use UUIDs everywhere. Those are easy to remember. :)


Jason C. Wells

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