Upgrade path from 11.0-PRERELEASE (src) to 11.0-RELEASE-p1 (binary)

Aymeric Mansoux am-lists at bleu255.com
Tue Oct 11 18:33:47 UTC 2016


On one of my machines I have been tracking FreeBSD via stable/10.
When the stable/11 branch was created, I started to follow it.
Everything was fine.

However, at some point I decided that I was not making anything
significant enough to justify compiling from source and stopped `svn
update` (at r305361, 11.0-PRERELEASE), waiting for 11.0-RELEASE
images to be available.

I naively tried to run `freebsd-update fetch` but of course
11.0-PRERELEASE is unknown at update.freebsd.org so nothing is fetched,
and I'm stuck not knowing what to do next.

Is there anyway I can still keep my current system and upgrade to the
pre-compiled 11.0-RELEASE-p1 without going through a full installation?


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