Hi, a dual booting question

Allen bsd_atog at comcast.net
Sun Oct 9 07:01:38 UTC 2016

On Thu, 6 Oct 2016 13:03:58 +0200
Bertram Scharpf <lists at bertram-scharpf.de> wrote:

> On Thursday, 06. Oct 2016, 09:32:14 +0100, Olaoluwa Omokanwaiye wrote:
> > FreeBSD it's just terminal right now but I also want GUI,
> > wireless network  working and my printer working. How do I
> > go from here?  
> At least
>   # pkg install xorg
> probably
>   # pkg install xfce
> and sure lots more.

> Bertram

I personally enjoy this:

pkg install windowmaker xfce Eterm zsh lmms enlightenment fvwm2
fvwm-crystal kde 

One of the things I've enjoyed with FreeBSD for years has been the
ability to type out one very long command full of Applications that I'd
like to install, and then it runs it, installs everything I want, and
that's that. 

I have had a few issues now and then where Applications I was trying to
install didn't work out as type / planned so to speak, and it does
happen, but it's pretty rare, and a lot of the time, it's what I call a
"48 hour error"; Basically, after being awake for 48 hours straight,
I'd have a typo in my text. 

Not every time, but enough ;) There are a few Apps in the Ports /
Packages, where no matter how many times I re-typed it, checked the
name (Generally, if I've got a fresh installation of FreeBSD, once I've
set up a few things how I like them, I'll install a Web Browser I like,
and I'll go to the FreeBSD web page, and go to the Ports / Packags
Browser so that I can look at them, and then start typing out the ones
I'd like installed on that box, and I just go down the line typing out
the ones I'd like, and sometimes there's an error, and clicking on the
Port's Name and checking spelling doesn't always work, but I've noticed
on a few that when I moused over the name, the link had something
spelled differently, so watch for that if you ever do this how I do ).

I've been using BSD a long time, but until recently, and even recently
Truth be told; I've been rusty. Things going slower than expected
sometimes, and other things that come up that prevent me from doing
everything I'd like to do.

Anyway, I think you'll like the PKG Tool; I started out with Windows
like most people seem too do, and one day started hearing about Linux
on IRC, and then after looking into that "Linux thing" finding out it
came from the Unix World, and that there's this like whole culture out
there of people who don't just USE Unix; They ENJOY it! 

From there I learned about BSD, bought a BSD "PowerPak" and that's been
a while now.


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