Hi, a dual booting and printing question

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at twc.com
Sat Oct 8 07:27:22 UTC 2016

> Thanks Thomas,
> Your advise is really appreciated.
> Permit me to continue to ask for help as needed.

> I have FreeBSD some 190GB of disk space but it used just a few during installation now I have extra space, is there a way I can extend the disk space so FreeBSD can occupy all or would you suggest I experiment installing another
> BSD type like NetBSD to occupy the space. I will definitely need help with installing a third OS so it does not complicate matters.

> As regards printing , oh yes it's HP printer, pls tell me there's a solution and kindly share.

> Yeah I am reading the hand book but you know there are somethings they don't just talk about like here.

> Hope to hear from you more and learn from you

> Ola

I have never resized a partition with data, am not sure how you can shrink a BSD partition.  I see there is a growfs but don't know about shrinking a file system.

I would have a better idea if I could see your partition table, like "gpart show ada0" or whatever.

Did you say you had Ubuntu installed?  How is printing under Ubuntu?

I was able to print using a file from print/foo2zjs from NetBSD pkgsrc, might also work with the FreeBSD port.  In NetBSD, I couldn't build the package but was able to extract the necessary file.  I used cups but am not sure if hplip had anything to do with my limited success.  I was unsuccessful with fax and scan.

Posting to the FreeBSD list is better than emailing to me alone because others might be able to help.


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