Log full of 'esp_output: skip 20'

Emre Gundogan emre at gundogan.us
Fri Oct 7 19:29:06 UTC 2016

On a recently upgraded (10.3-RELEASE-p5 -> 11.0-RELEASE-p1) machine (amd64), I've noticed a barrage of 'esp_output: skip 20 hlen 24 ...' lines in log while there is traffic on an ipsec connection. Due to a change in sys/netipsec/xform_esp.c (DPRINTF on line 723), a log is generated with each packet in my case. This wasn't true in 10.3-p5, and it looks like perhaps that DPRINTF shouldn't be there? Both the client and the server are FreeBSD 11-p1 machines (both just upgraded). Any insight is much appreciated along with a pointer to how to turn it off (short of recompiling the kernel).

Thanks a lot,

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