Is it possible to port the old Logo saver to X ?

Manish Jain bourne.identity at
Thu Oct 6 12:47:47 UTC 2016

> That sounds like "beastie", which was never removed. Just add:

Damn right! That one is so cute. Of all the freaking screensavers I have 
seen in my life, Beastie (the old Logo) is the most adorable. If I were 
to enumerate why FreeBSD is better than Linux in text mode, Beastie and 
the non-blinking cursor would be the prime factors.

However, this gets me into a few problems:

Beastie is available only in text mode. Is there I can get Beastie in an 
X session ?

My Cooler Master keyboard's backlights unfortunately only work in X with 
'xset led on'. Is there some way I can turn on the backlights in text 
mode ? My keyboard backlight switch maps to the Scroll Lock key, a bad 
choice for FreeBSD usage because FreeBSD uses that for exactly what it 
is supposed to do. (Pressing the Scroll Lock before booting has begun 
does not work : it turns on the backlights as well locks scrolling). So 
this part of the question effectively becomes : how to execute 'xset led 
on' in text mode ?

Thanks for help
Manish Jain

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