Clone a FBSD system to a smaller disk.

Ernie Luzar luzar722 at
Tue Oct 4 13:52:06 UTC 2016

JD wrote:
> By clone, you mean create a new disk with identical
> content to the cloned disk? Including the boot blocks
> of the cloned disk?
> If so, dump and restore will only perform like a full backup.
> The target (copy-to) disk will not be bootable.
> If you want it bootable, then there is a simlpe procedure
> 1. Obtain a new disk with sufficient capacity as close as possible
>     to size of the source disk. Not less than, though!!
> 2. dd if=</dev/..... i.e. the source disk> of=/dev/..... i.e. the new disk>
> bs=128M conv=notrunc conv=fdatasync
> When finished, without error,
> the new disk will be a bootable mirror of the original.
> snip

I have a 10.3 box using a MBR 1.5 TB hard drive. This Box acts as the 
LANs front door firewall to the public network. The 1.5 TB disk is being 
waisted in this situation. What would you recommend as the quickest 
method to clone the running system from the 1.5TB disk to a 40MB disk?


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