UDP Traceroute on FreeBSD

Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Mon Oct 3 13:17:04 UTC 2016

On Mon, 3 Oct 2016 14:52:38 +0200, Mark Tinka wrote:
> Can anyone tell me whether FreeBSD is able to respond to traceroute
> packets transported over UDP?

That could be possible. You can verify it by instructing the
traceroute program to issue UDP packets, but it will listen
for an ICMP answer, if I remember that mechanism correctly.
Then inspect the packets with Wireshark.

See "man traceroute" for details. Consider asking the question
on the freebsd-hackers@ or freebsd-net@ mailing lists. The
answer to your question is located somewhere in the system's
network stack. ;-)

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