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> Subversion almost "works the same" as CVS, even though it adds
> a lot of features, so it's typically considered the "natural
> successor" of CVS. Git is often said to be "too different" and
> "surprising" in what its subcommands do. :-)

	Yep it took having to use it for me to grok git, once I did I've
found it really rather good, but it is very different to CVS or SVN in
approach and until you grok the way it works it is very confusing.

	One neat git trick - create a repository in the root of each
machine you maintain, commit all changed config files to it and (here's the
nice bit) clone all the repositories (ssh access) to safe storage (eg ZFS
array) and run a cron job to keep the clones updated (git pull in each
clone). Result painless version controlled, backed up config for all systems
and jails with a local copy for mistakes and central copy for disasters.

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