subversion error

Cody Swanson freebsd at
Mon Nov 28 23:56:16 UTC 2016

I have been noticing when I do an update from I get the following error:

# svn update /usr/ports
Service unavailableService unavailableUpdating '.':
At revision 427349.

# pkg info subversion

The svn update appears to work correctly, it just generates a few errors which I don't recall seeing in the past. I get the same error when I attempt a checkout or update from any of the public freebsd svn repos. I thought perhaps that I had something cached locally that was causing the error so I removed ~/.subversion, /usr/src and /usr/ports. The same errors still persist. It's not a big deal since I can still checkout the source, I was just wondering if anyone has encountered this error before. I'm sure it's something I did on my end.  

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