Old laptop not able to get enough entropy in FreeBSD 11

Jack L. xxjack12xx at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 02:32:05 UTC 2016

> > I have an old single core AMD Turion ML-37 laptop that has nothing
>> > installed. When I boot it up, the moment it displays login:, it hangs
>> > until i press some random keys. At shutdown, it will hang until I
>> > press keys and it will not move onto the next line of shutdown until
>> > I keep pressing keys.
>> >
>> > If I cat /dev/random > ./dev/null while using the laptop, it works
>> > fine but when nothing is happening, the laptop hangs. Any ideas? It's
>> > running 11.0-STABLE
>> FreeBSD's /dev/random isn't supposed to block once it's seeded, so
>> it's very unlikely this has anything to do with entropy.
> Any ideas on why the laptop would have that behavior in 11? It didn't hang
> at all in 10.3-STABLE
>> I just installed 12-CURRENT on the laptop and it also hangs even at
install/boot/shutdown until I hit keys, then it will move as long as I
continue to hit keys. I also found that if I ping the laptop, it will
respond but in between pings, it will hang. Using FreeBSD 10.3, it works
perfectly fine without any random keypresses. Any ideas?

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