blacklistd(8) - entries don't removed

Anton Yuzhaninov citrin+bsd at
Fri Nov 25 20:12:23 UTC 2016

Hi all.

I started to use blacklistd(8) to protect sshd from bruteforce.

Entries are added to ipfw table via controlprog but never removed.

Blocked hosts after some time are removed from state database but even in
blacklistd -C /usr/local/libexec/blacklistd-helper -r -d -v
I see no attempts to run blacklistd-helper rem

Database contains stale entries:
$ blacklistctl dump -ar
         address/ma:port id      nfail   remaining time           4/-1    -21d-38h-21m-38s           4/-1    -11d-57h-2m-26s           40/-1   -12d-29h-39m-57s

but ipfw table contains much more hosts...

Right now I have no time to debug this myself, but curious - does 
anybody see same problems with blacklistd?

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