ntpd crashing unexpectedly (out of memory)

Karl Vogel vogelke at pobox.com
Thu Nov 17 00:56:29 UTC 2016

>> On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 09:14:00AM -0700, Matt Adams wrote:

M> On computer "B" ntpd starts but then dies with an "out of memory" error.
M> Here is the output:
M> ...
M> ntpd: clnt_dg_create: out of memory

  This used to happen on Solaris boxes; the workaround was to start NTPD
  first, *then* start nscd.  I know, grasping at straws...

  If push comes to shove, have you tried Chrony?  It's supposed to be
  simpler than NTPD and work on FreeBSD:

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