USB network cards and DHCP

Rolf Nielsen rnmtw70 at
Sun Nov 13 02:29:18 UTC 2016

On 2016-11-13 03:04, laszlo wrote:
> about the reply-- i am lazy and didnt want to type in the
> email address.
> who reads email headers anyway.?
>> Side note: you appear to have sent your message to the list by replying
>> to another message and then replacing the reply with a new message. If
>> you
>> do that it is helpful to delete the "In-Reply-To" header. That header is
>> used for threading of messages. If set incorrectly then your message
>> risks getting missed depending on what mail software is used by the
>> people
>> on the list. If your mail software doesn't let you remove the header then
>> I suggest the cut-and-paste approach to setting the "To" field instead
>> of replying as you did.
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Mail software reads the headers. And for people using threaded view
rather than timeline view, the In-Reply-To header helps the mail
software sorting replies into the correct threads.

Vänligen / Sincerely,
Rolf Nielsen

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