LAME Package Question

Allen bsd_atog at
Sat Nov 12 22:52:03 UTC 2016


Thanks everyone who took the time to respond to me, and I appreciate
it :)

Also, there were some replies off list I got that also helped out, and
thank you to those who also took the time to discuss this with me :)

I had my suspicions about the whole not "exacty" free thing being the
main issue, and I'm going to just go to the FreeBSD Web site, and start
looking through the ports collection so I can first deduce which way I
want to go about getting my Tree Updated.

I haven't used normal Ports in a very VERY long time to say the least
heh, but I'm OK with that, as I've done it before, I just wanted to
know if there was something I'd missed with the PKG Tool, which I LOVE

Seriously, I'm not sure exactly who it was who wrote PKG, or designed
it, or got it working so beautifully, and so nice, but THANK YOU
whoever you are!

As I'd said in other posts here; I started using FreeBSD back when I
bought the FreeBSD PowerPak which came with FreeBSD 4.0-RELEASE, and
I've been in Love ever since. I just didn't really like doing the whole
Source Code based Installations, as I'd kind of gotten a little but
lazy using Linux as well, and so I kind of got into using Tools and
Packages instead of Source Code to install things, and the only time I
really installed stuff from Source Code, was on my Slackware Box, and I
wanted Irssi, my favorite IRC Client, and even then, I emailed Patrick
one day, and asked very nicely if he could add Irssi to the next
release of Slackware, and like 2 or 3 days later, I got a reply from
him with a link to the "Slackware-CURRENT" list of Packages, and there
it was; My Irssi :)

I actually like Patrick quite a bit; He's a good guy, and not just
anyone goes and ports a piece of Software for an OS just like that, so
obviously it stuck with me.

I remember trying to help him track down a Doctor back when he had his
health scare, and me giving his Cell number out to my Mom who worked at
a Hospital here in Michigan, and me finding a Doctor that was willing
to help him, and then finding out two days later he'd already started
treatment and was doing much better.

Anyway, I really LOVE PKG, and I'd searched for other tools on FreeBSD
to do that, and even investigated Pkgsrc from NetBSD, and installed it
on my Slackware box to try out, but when I got the first FreeBSD
version that had PKG on it, I found exactly what I had been searching
for, and LOVED it.

But anyway I don't want to make anyone read my life story, but I do
want to make sure it's clear that I very much appreciate the time you
all took to try and help every step of the way, and of course kiss some
ass to whoever made the decision for PKG ;) lol.

I'm going to check out some tools so I can see what I'm going to use to
update my Ports Collection, and then, simply use the Port :)

Thanks again everyone!!


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