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Sat Nov 12 12:11:06 UTC 2016

On Sat, 12 Nov 2016 10:51:46 -0100, zeke motta wrote:
> I joined the forums, asked a simple question but obtained no reply at all.
> It seems that FreeBSD fellas r more interested in talking to each other
> than helping newbies like myself.

That's not true. Just have a look at the history of the
freebsd-questions@ mailing list and you will see that
your claim isn't true.

> I have read in the handbook that FreeBSD 11 supports all i5 processors and
> Nvidia GPUs.

Erm, _all_ nVidia GPUs probably isn't true...

> That much I know. I am contacting you just to make sure that I
> am not dishing $$$€€€ for something that will not work. I am a newbie not
> just to FreeBSD but to all things IT.

It's good that you go by "first think, then buy", which will save
you from a lot out trouble and wasted money.

> In the forums, I asked if this machine * is compatible with FreeBSD 11.
> zero, nada, rien. What is the point of joining a forum that does not help
> you at all??? It is not newbie friendly at all.
> https://www.radiopopular.pt/catalogo/detalhesproduto.php?idprod=47431

That web page lists "NVidia Geforce GT 710 1GD3 dedicada" as the
GPU. What does "dedicada" mean in this context? Integrated GPU?

The GT 710 is not listed here:


So you'd probably also check the documentation of the (proprietary)
nVidia driver. This driver seems to have this card covered:


Check the "Supported products" tab and the "GeForce 700 Series"
entry - a "GeForce GT 710" is explicitely listed there.

If you don't insist on "3D features", the VESA compatibility driver
might work with this card. Testing the "nv" and "nouveau" drivers
is also possible.

> Could you please let me know if these machines are compatible with FreeBSD
> 11???? I intend to learn about FreeBSD and install it as my only OS on one
> of these machines.

>From what _I_ have checked quickly, the system seems to be supported.
Sadly when ordering something via mail, you do not have a comfortable
chance to _test_ it. A local shop usually has no problem letting you
test a system with a live CD or USB stick if you tell them "I will
buy it if it's supported" - but on the other hand, you probably pay
a higher price then.

> PS > May I make a suggestion? why does not the FreeBSD project sell
> computers that are fully compatible with FreeBSD.

As far as I know, iXsystems sells computers verified for use with
FreeBSD. The FreeBSD project itself primarily is about the development
of the FreeBSD operating system.

> The confusion surrounding compatibilities etc is
> mind boggling. It does not have to be this way. It could be so much
> simpler, I think. Well, i am not an expert so maybe I am talking nonsense.

Ask the hardware manufacturers why they refuse to build stuff that
conforms to existing standards. Hint: it's about vendor lock-in and
revenue. ;-)

This forum thread could be helpful in advance:


PS. "Hello" is not a good subject for a mailing list as this one,
    it might happen that potential readers skip this message as
    it looks like a "spam subject"; specify the subject of your
    question in a short manner, like "Support for Nvidia Geforce
    GT 710" (or something comparable).

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