cups problems on 10.3 release both Epson and HP

Gary Aitken freebsd at
Tue Nov 8 17:45:43 UTC 2016

On 11/08/16 04:06, Tijl Coosemans wrote:

>> Is there an easy way to discover and remove all "no longer existing" ports?
>> Or do I have to remove /usr/ports/* and rebuild everything?
> I haven't used portsnap in a long while and I don't know the details of
> how it works, but I believe it doesn't check if your ports tree matches
> upstream.  It simply downloads updates and applies them.  So if there was
> a problem during one of these updates you're stuck with them.  One source
> of trouble that I know of is when /var is a separate partition and
> portsnap runs out of disk space there.  If you think that can happen on
> your machine you can make portsnap use a different directory by setting
> WORKDIR in /etc/portsnap.conf to a different value.
> You can get a list of ports that should be gone with this command:
> /bin/sh -c 'awk -F\| "/^[^#]/{print \$1}" MOVED | xargs ls -d 2>/dev/null'

thanks, that helped in more ways than one

> But the only way to be sure you have all changes is to delete everything
> under /usr/ports and /var/db/portsnap and run 'portsnap fetch extract'.
> I don't think you have to rebuild all packages.  A regular check for
> updates with portmaster/portupgrade/... should be enough.

thanks again!


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