X problem after upgrade 10.3 to 11.0 Release

Kenneth Hatteland kenneth.hatteland at kleppnett.no
Sat Nov 5 13:03:11 UTC 2016

I have tried both upgrade and fresh install of 11.0 Release, but every 
time I reboot, and i starts up xorg and Gnome/KDE going, the screen 
turns black with a no signal, going to sleep message. I reinstalled 
again 10.3, which works like a charm, and then upgrade to 11.0 again 
with the same problem. I have tried setting kern.vty=vt and also to "sc" 
with no luck. So I guess there is something with 11.0 that does not work 
on my Dell Optiplex 960 or that there is some tweak I have not found. 
Does anyone have a tip that would point me in the right direction ? 
Google and the release anouncement have not helped me so far.

Blessed be,,

Kenneth Hatteland

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