pkg results in errors "different from original checksum, not removing"

Ben Woods woodsb02 at
Wed Nov 2 15:47:18 UTC 2016

On 2 November 2016 at 16:25, Victor <vdemart at> wrote:

> Under FreeBSD 10.3 I wanted to remove python 3.5 which I had installed by
> means of pkg.
> Now
> sudo pkg remove python35
> Password:
> Checking integrity... done (0 conflicting)
> Deinstallation has been requested for the following 5 packages (of 0
> packages in the universe):
> Installed packages to be REMOVED:
>         python35-3.5.1_3
>         py35-setuptools35-20.0
>         py35-gdbm-3.5.1_4
>         py35-tkinter-3.5.1_6
>         py35-sqlite3-3.5.1_7
> Number of packages to be removed: 5
> The operation will free 101 MiB.
> Proceed with deinstalling packages? [y/N]: y
> [5/5] Deleting files for python35-3.5.1_3:   0%
> pkg: /usr/local/bin/2to3-3.5 different from original checksum, not removing
> etc.
> What should I do to remove the installed package?

To be clear, the package was removed, but pkg let a few files behind
because it believes you edited them from their original package state and
you might want to keep your local changes.

If you dont want to keep those files, simply remove them with rm(1).
Nothing more to do with pkg, as far as it is concerned the package was


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