splitting A1 size PDF into 4 pages A4

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Tue Nov 1 16:05:04 UTC 2016

Thanks for all hints.

I did it at the end with:

$ convert poster.pdf poster.ps
$ fgrep Bounding poster.ps
%%BoundingBox: -0 -0 2398 1701
i.e. the image is 2398 x 1701 pixel; and we 'crop' the 4 regions as:

$ convert poster.ps -crop 1199x850+0+0 1.png
$ convert poster.ps -crop 1199x850+1199+0 2.png
$ convert poster.ps -crop 1199x850+0+850 3.png
$ convert poster.ps -crop 1199x850+1199+850 4.png

and print them with 'lpr -Pps 1.png .....' and glue them together, cutting a
bit the wite borders.

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